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About Us

Glury is a decentralized peer-to-peer content delivery network dedicated to empowering content creators.

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Our Values

🌈✍️Creators First

At Glury, everything goes to the creators. We prioritize content creators as the first class citizens in our network.

🔒🔑Privacy Oriented

We value your privacy, providing a platform that is censor resistant and secures your content and data.

💎👾Web3 Friendly

Glury is aligned with the latest web3 technologies, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

🌳🌍Green Conscious

Utilizing current infrastructure, Glury is committed to minimizing environmental impact for a greener earth.


Our network is designed to grow and shrink on-demand, ensuring scalable and efficient operations.

🤝🌟Community Focused

Constantly evolving, Glury leads in innovation ensuring that our community has access to the best and latest features.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a creator. What opportunities are available to me?

You have boundless opportunities as long as your content generates interest. Engage in a variety of activities including live streams, gaming, and battles to captivate your audience.

How is payment handled for creators?

Like many other platforms, fans directly pay for the content they value the most. This approach ensures that creators are compensated fairly for their work.

Who bears the cost for infrastructure?

Protocol participants who supply bandwidth bear the cost for infrastructure. They are fairly compensated at market rates for their valuable service contribution.

Meet Our Team

Žiga Zupanec

Žiga Zupanec

Triforce Ventures founder along with distributed and decentralized video streaming vision. Žiga specializes in leadership, data science, and strategic planning.

Andrej Zupanec

Andrej Zupanec

Experienced in video production since 2011, Andrej is a writer, producer, and creator who staunchly believes in the power of live streaming.

Lenart Čepon

Lenart Čepon

As the Innovation Business Developer in our startup, Lenart drives growth through strategic innovation, identifies opportunities, and fosters key partnerships.

Marie Kollarczyk

Marie Kollarczyk

UI and UX designer, Digital Media MSc, with experience in mobile app and video game design.

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